Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My perfect vista: the city of Seville

After living in Seville for two months, I finally climbed the stairs to the roof terrace of El Faro de Triana. Passing the seafood restaurant every day as I crossed the Guadalquivir from my barrio to the centre, I had come to recognise the waiters and almost memorised the menu.

That October evening, I realised that as tasty as the heaving plates of pescaíto frito were, the view over the city was El Faro's real draw. In one direction was the constant bustle of my street, the riverside party strip Calle Betis. Turning my head, the skyline revealed the city's monuments. I identified the bull ring, the Torre del Oro, and the enormous mass of the cathedral, hulking below the magnificence of its tower, La Giralda, glimmering gold in the late evening light. Taking a deep breath, I realised that I felt at home in this southern city of sensual warmth and welcoming people, so far from my real home in northern England.

The photograph may be blurred, but to me it captures the city's relentless energy; its inability to stay still even as I pressed the shutter. It is constantly filled with light and colour - even when the sun goes down, Seville shines with the soft glow of streetlights and the neon buzz of discotecas' signs. This image transports me back to that evening, with good food in front of me, a glass of wine in my hand, and a sense of belonging in my heart.

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